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Our Solutions

Refinette Nutricosmetics create products with clinically proven natural ingredients and sophisticated processes that go beyond your consumer's expectations

We can assist you with every type of food, beverage or nutraceutical application. Whether you want to create a new product or tweak your top formulas, our research and applications experts in collaborating great solutions that blend savory with functionality. Explore the topics below you're interested in.

1. Foods

Create foods that are indulgent yet healthy.


From delicious snacks to mouth-watering desserts, we always have difficulty in choosing between healthy or luscious. Now, you can choose both with our nutrient fortified food ingredients that are healthy without compromising the taste


Before, delicious foods and snacks come with a choice. But, that choice is no longer an option, with Refinette Nutricosmetics we will help you create your entrée and desserts that taste great, come with less salt and sugar and can even give added nutritional benefits. This is one of our solutions that deliver delight to your sophisticated tastes and needs of your consumers.

Our solutions can be applied in wide range of product types, from regular foods like chips, bread, meats to sweets such as cakes, chewing gum, chocolate and candies. While we offer variety of options, our focus remains on creating, co-creating with our partners to deliver to their consumers irresistible products.

Lusciously Healthy

Lusciously Healthy

While there have been numerous improvements in home-cooked foods over the past years, consumers have high expectations when it comes to taste and originality.

Health and wellness trends in the foods and snacks category are driven by a need for healthier options that are plant-based and/or lower in salt and sugar. And, while these are now expected by consumers, there also remains an expectation for palatability.

Refinette’s Nutricosmetic experts are focused on bringing great taste experiences to packaged foods and snacks, from plant-based burgers to chips, opening wide opportunities to our customers and helping them to meet consumer needs and demands.

It takes a combination of consumer insights, technical skills and expertise, years of experience, an innovative mindset, and an amazing product portfolio to develop and deliver.

Your Partner in Health

Your Partner in Health

Refinette’s legacy reaches decades, equipping us to solve the challenges of today. Building on our leadership in cosmetics and now we have extended our capabilities to include complete taste and nutritional solutions. With a holistic mindset and consumer-focused approach, we will help you and other partners create a variety of foods, snacks, desserts and other diversity of plant-based ingredients.

The recognized leader in popular beautification, such as body nourishing and skin protection, we go to great spans to offer and co-create natural nutricosmetics to suit the diversity of consumers.

Refinette Nutricosmetics addresses the nutritional concerns of today’s consumer, creating balance and preserving original taste when needed.

From salt reduction to lesser sweetness and fortifying, Refinette Nutricosmetics offers healthier options that enable consumers to keep a closer watch on their dietary and nutritional needs.

Nutritiously Sweet

Nutritiously Sweet

Refinette Nutracosmetics' Swiftlet Natural Sugar Replacement is currently the only blend that contains all of the health benefits below, and it’s formulated purely from premium plant-based ingredients that are regulated and have been granted food safety status by international food safety agencies such as USFDA and ESFA. It’s safe for diabetics, and the best part is that it tastes.

2. Beverages

Healthy and delicious drink upto the last drop.


With great flavors, natural colors, powerful botanicals, clean-label ingredients, and a team of expertise, we provide multi-sensory experiences consumers love. The variety of ingredients we offer is based on holistic and futuristic mindset solutions so our customers can stay ahead of market trends, innovate quickly, and diversify their offering.


Functional beverages provide a variety of health benefits. Sports and performance drinks, energy drinks, ready to drink (RTD) teas, enhanced fruit drinks, soy beverages and enhanced water, among others, are some of the product segments becoming increasingly popular due to their appeal to consumers seeking health and convenience benefits in their beverages. The benefits of nutritional beverages include improved heart health, immunity, digestion and joint health while boosting energy. 

At Refinette Nutricosmetics', our experienced research and development team, excel in creating the formulas required for a robust nutritional beverage without compromising taste or texture. Our team works with you from start to finish to understand the limitations and opportunities of your formulation while maximizing product outcome and taste.

Cheers to our partnerships

Cheers to our partnerships

At Refinette, we offer range of possible beneficial beverages, from detox and relaxation through mood and concentration-boosting to invigorating, physiological benefits and immunity-enhancing.

The wide variety of functional product applications of Refinette Nutricosmetics' enables you to offer the optimal product for the current situation and mood of your customers.

Whether through the use of high-quality ingredients such as Superfruits with antioxidant effects, flower extracts, natural vitamins from fruits, coconut water, fiber, minerals and proteins – the needs of different target groups can always be met! No matter what specific ideas and wishes you have, our research and development specialists create tailor-made products for you and your customers in close cooperation with you.

With many years of experience, we have broad knowledge of the different markets, trends and developments.

Powershape Products

A Sip of Wellness

Refinette Nutracosmetics' Powershape coffee, chocolate and milk tea are just examples of our excellent formula of concoctions of natural flavors and beneficial ingredients that are exceptionally healthy upto the last drop. Our creations are most consumer love for functional drinks with slimming, detoxifying, whitening, invigorating, bone strengthening and even immune boosting . We can customize the different combinations of ingredients depending on your needs or you can use our formulations that are ISO 9001 certified, FDA and HALAL approved

3. Nutraceuticals

Optimal Wellness for everyone's physiological ages.

At Refinette Nutricosmetics, we set the highest standard to our variety of products. To be the one-stop solutions for the needs related to health and wellbeing, we carefully select and categorize our products to ensure that you can find what they need and when they need it. The journey begins by exploring superior ingredients and pairing with uncompromising process resulting to our optimal quality and innovative solutions. 

Nutraceuticals are perfectly in tune

Nutraceuticals are perfectly in tune with health-conscious consumers' needs

Modern consumers have a renewed focus on the fundamentals of their health and are now more motivated than ever to make positive lifestyle changes and begin new habits. Consumers are seeking new solutions to support their health and wellness, with dietary supplements becoming an increasingly popular option to add to their daily regimen. Many consumers prefer to choose products that are not only healthy but also highlight clean, clear labels, natural and transparent sourcing when purchasing dietary supplements.

Refinette Nutricosmetics offers solutions to deliver all the above mentioned need and want of the consumers' expections. With our nutraceutical extracts that are derived from plants selected for their scientifically proven and natural health benefits and our vast portfolio of formulations, we help develop unique nutritional supplements with the ingredients consumers trust and the high quality properties they’re looking for.

medicine bottle

Partner with us in providing supplements that beautifully nourish from within

Refinette's nutraceuticals are perfect for use as dietary supplements and ingredient solutions suitable for inclusion in food and beverage products that most health conscious prefer their nutrition to be delivered in more experiential formats.

We have a complete co-creation capabilities. Aside from botanicals with health benefits, we offer a wide selection of natural plant-based formulations and solutions that deliver benefits aligned with wellbeing trends, including immune, cognitive, intimate and physiological health. All powered by nature to provide solutions to common health concerns without the side-effects.. Our formulation experts will be happy to explore application opportunities with you.

We’re looking for driven, positive people to join and have the chance to work in a fast-growing toll manufacturing company. Apply today by visiting our Careers page.

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