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Our Offers

Your ideations can be created as future top products that will be loved by our consumers. Produce your next product with Refinette's offerings

1. Nutrition

Experience the real taste of natural and organic foods and drinks that you will prepare with the exclusion of unhealthy ingredients and the inclusion of additional nutrients that will enhance the health of your consumers.


Fortifying nutrients with our Nutricosmetics ingredients

Functional Foods and Drinks

Today, consumers are clamoring for functional foods and drinks with palatable taste and high health benefits

We help our clients to create delicious products with the health benefits consumers are looking for..... reduced or no sugar, salt and calories, or fortifying vitamins, minerals and fibres that are naturally derived and plant-based. Our business is to innovate and collaborate, and we are continuously developing current and future trends in nutricosmetics to help us and our clients to be one step ahead in formulations and technologies.

Nourishing Beauty from within

Nourishing Beauty from within

Because consumers whether pregnant, elderly, kids, men, women, or vegetarians, increasingly explore nutrition to improve their wellness. We at Refinette, develop our formulation based on a holistic approach.  We offer solutions to deficiencies of consumers in different life stages with our natural vitamins and pure minerals. We have a complete array of fortified ingredients that can be added by producers to their products to enhance their nutritional content.

Altering ingredients for Better Health

Altering ingredients for Better Health

We can create or co-create with our partners in developing products using our sugar-free, alcohol-free (soon), and salt-free (soon) natural alternative ingredients that will improve the nutritional profile of the products in the market.

2. Well-being

Advanced bioactive that has undergone thorough research and clinical studies to promote good health and wellbeing.


Using clinically proven bioactive and plant-based ingredients in our formulation

healthy foods

Market trends are shifting to healthy foods and dietary supplements because of the great demand for natural healthy products from consumers.

Our bioactive and plant-based ingredients are a selection of natural and healthy regimens that resolve many of today’s health issues and concerns, including the immune system, beautification, chronic disease prevention, healthy aging and cognitive performance. We offer many forms of ingredients which are clinically proven benefits in everyday food and beverage products as well as nutraceuticals.

Bioactives and botanicals support Beautification

Bioactives and botanicals support Beautification

Refinette believes that beauty should begin from within so we offer a variety of ingredients for beautification both for external and consumable use. With our clinically proven and certified bioactive and botanicals, producers can create an array of products that will delight their consumers with their health and beauty benefits.

Health Regimen from bioactive extracts

Health Regimen from bioactive extracts

We can formulate functional foods and beverages using our bioactive and botanical extracts through advanced technology without compromising their tastes. You can partner with us in creating healthy and nutritious products that will make difference in future health trends.

3. Holistic Solutions

Let your customers experience the exceptional quality of products you will offer through our collaborative advanced formulations and technologies.

Holistic Solutions

Creating products that are of optimal quality and high demand for consumers with Holistic Approach

We ensure the safety of our products

We ensure the safety of our products from farm to logistics. Thus, whether you need functional foods, drinks or dietary supplements, we can assist you with solutions and formulas to create products of exceptional health experience.

At Refinette Nutricosmetics, we make a variety of foods, beverages and nutraceutical products that consumers will surely love and we make sure that it will relieve the pain points of the customers instead make them happy.  Continuously, consumers create desires and demand for a certain product but the quality is still at the top of the list. Our Holistic Solutions start with consumer needs. From there we build solutions incorporating the functional and nutritional ingredients that consumers want and continue the development, formulation, production and logistics.

Creating Holistic Solutions

Creating Holistic Solutions

Our Holistic Solutions are based on the following capabilities:


  • Understanding customers’ needs and pain points.

  • Market drivers and trends.

  • A unique and clinically proven list of raw materials and products.

  • Advanced technologies and machinery for our development.

  • The skills, knowledge, ability and passion to put them all together to create exceptional health products.

Holistic Approach Matrix

We can create or co-create with our partners in developing products using our sugar-free, alcohol-free (soon), and salt-free (soon) natural alternative ingredients that will improve the nutritional profile of the products in the market.

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